About us

Twilight et Spring is a high-quality family-based T.I.C.A registered British Shorthair cattery located in Connecticut, USA.
We have been awarded Outstanding Cattery by T.I.C.A for the second year in a row for our exceptional cattery program and system. A licensed Veterinarian perform an inspection yearly on our cattery to ensure all standards are met and compliance.
Our cattery space is built to accommodate all kittens needs which means all rooms has window/ventilation that allow direct sunlight and clean ventilation. All with adequate space for each kittens. No cage are ever used in our cattery to ensure no developmental/behavioral issues occurs. The goal of our cattery is to bring our customers the best quality kittens that are social, joyful and beautiful. We rely on our professional knowledge and years of experience to breed cats with the most attractive physical and personality traits.
As you may have already noticed we have a wide range of colored kitten and that is one of our passion, we love the uniqueness and ever-changing pattern, we have many Queen and Sire with our adequate space, to allow multiple litters to be raised at the same time. Which means No Queen or Sire are being overworked at our cattery.
All kittens come with T.I.C.A registration, Health certificate and vaccination record upon purchase. We welcome buyers from all across the United States; We try our best effort to personally deliver each and every single one of our kitten to the hand of our customer to make sure our kittens have a safe, comfortable trip to their new forever home. (That means NO third party transportation services, or cargo shipping!)
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