The British Shorthair cat has a quiet voice and is an undemanding companion.
It is a healthy breed in the cat family. While not overly affectionate, the British Shorthair tends to get along just fine with everyone.
They're mellow and will tolerate other pets, and even though they may not seek out snuggles at every opportunity, they're happy to be scooped up for a good cuddle at times.
Their body shape are round and chubby making anyone to fall in love at an instant.

Customers reviews

Kitten I got from them is a very cuddly little girl. She loves to lay in bed and fall asleep with me every night! I’m so happy to live with this clingy kitty. I definitely recommend this Cattery for anyone who's looking for a passionate British short hair!
Amber - Brooklyn, New York
Agatha - Saugus, Massachusetts
¡Muchas gracias por toda su ayuda, hicieron el proceso tan fácil! Estoy muy feliz con mi nuevo hijo de cuatro patas, Rocky está muy feliz en su nuevo hogar.
Jesus - Boston, Massachusetts

Beautiful little cattery! My family got an adorable healthy kitten from them. Highly recommend!

Ceci - Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Very lovely cattery. Koyi was very helpful and well informed about her kittens and just cats in general. I got a lilac kitten from them and I can't get over her cuteness! Highly recommended cattery! 💕😺

Marjie - Stamford, Connecticut

Highly recommend Twilight BS Cattery! ❤️ We love our little kitten, she has such a kind soul and is so beautiful! Koyi and the whole team was so helpful during the process! We got lots of facetime and pictures of her before she was ready to come home! Thank you so much Twilight et Spring British Shorthair Cattery 🥰

Vita Stramaglia -

We got our cute, energetic and affectionate blue-golden shaded kitten from TW Cattery. Unii has such a relax and loving personality - She blends right into our family on day 1 and was never nervous about her long flight from RI to CA. By day 3, this happy little kitten has already became so close to us that she follows us everywhere we go just like a little puppy.

So glad that we’ve made a great choice to get our first kitten from TW Cattery. Special thanks to Koyi for many cute videos and cute pictures during the 3 month waiting-time; and special thanks to Twiny who took the flight with Unii all the way from RI to CA.

Tianyi Xie -

Love our perfect kitten.
The Twilight et Spring staff kept us posted on our kitten with photos& videos up until we got him. They also check on his well-being at his new home, give tips and information. Thank you! 😻

Adva Shapira -